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commemorating the history of the family
General Stanisław Sosabowski

General Stanisław Sosabowski

Listen to the General's Speech made after Operation Market Garden play
Listen to the Brigade Song play
General Stanisław Sosabowski - his life in words by Stan Sosabowski
Generaal-majoor Stanisław Franciszek Sosabowski (Versie in het Nederlandse)
General brygady Stanisław Franciszek Sosabowski (Wersja Polska)
The Story of General S Sosabowski at Operation Market Garden
The First Polish Independent Parachute Brigade at the Battle of Arnhem
General 'Boy' Browning's Letter of Recommendation of Dismissal of General Sosabowski
Commentary on General Browning's Letter of Recommendation of Dismissal: Stan Sosabowski
Pictures of General S Sosabowski
A selection of cartoons/caricatures of the General and his men


Authors: Hal Sosabowski & Stan Sosabowski
Pictures of the Virtuti Militari and Orzel by kind permission of Prof. Z. Wesolowski. All other content copyright, all rights reserved.