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General Stanisław Sosabowski

General Stanisław Sosabowski

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1910 - Impecably dressed, candidate for the Secondary School Certificate, taken in Stanislawow, present day Ukraine
1916 - Senior sergent cadet with a chest full of medals
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1915 - November. The Tyrol - Sergeant cadet in the 58th Infantry Regiment of the Austrian army convalescing at Gros Morsdorf having been wouded in the knee by schrapnel (Editor's note - probably the only picture of the General looking slightly unsure of himself)
The reverse of the picture on the left, which is a postcard - wonder why it was all scribbled out?

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Authors: Hal Sosabowski & Stan Sosabowski
Pictures of the Virtuti Militari and Orzel by kind permission of Prof. Z. Wesolowski. All other content copyright, all rights reserved.