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General Stanisław Sosabowski

General Stanisław Sosabowski

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Taken during an unveiling of a commerorative plaque to the brigade in Illie, Fife, Scotland, together with Colonel kaminski, 2nd in Command (not in picture) probably in 1946/47
1946/7 the start of a new life - civilian street - his vital statistics are as follows (on the reverse side of the photo)
Major General Sosabowski Stanisław Franciszek G / 10572
Mil Indentity Card Card No C 061686
Height 5ft 9in
Eyes Brown
Hair Dark
Birth 8.5.1892
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1943 - Scotland, posing for a sculpture
A small mystery
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1944 - September 24th right in the middle of Market Garden. Photo taken after a staff meeting held near Nijmegen where British commanders unilaterally decided what next to do to help their trapped colleagues in Oosterbeek on the other side of the lower Rhine. The classic General picture
1947 - skiing holiday in Chamonix, the French alpes in winter
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1960 - at home
1964 - March, in London (probably at home, Bramshill Rd)
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1965 - The four generations - the General, his son Stasinek, his sons Maciek and Stasinek and Maciek's son, Michael-Hal
1966 - The General's obituary in the Polish Press

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Authors: Hal Sosabowski & Stan Sosabowski
Pictures of the Virtuti Militari and Orzel by kind permission of Prof. Z. Wesolowski. All other content copyright, all rights reserved.