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General Stanisław Sosabowski

Dr Major Stanisław Janusz Sosabowski

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1941 / 1942 intern
1933 scout
1941/42 intern at Ujazdowski hospital Warsaw. Medical student "in uniform" studying for his degree and probabaly assisting in some ops. It was wartime.
1933 as scout. Photo probably comes from his scout's identity card (you can see the stamp mark).
1946 Edinburgh father and son
4 generations
1946 Edinburgh: father and son. Dr was airlifted there in 1945 and operated on in an effort to save his sight.
18 September 1966. The back garden of 15, Bramshill Rd Neasden, the address of the General. 4 generations (and various spouses) meet to celebrate Stasinek's and Maciek's) 21st birthday.
Summer 1968
1968 with grandson
Probably Summer 1968 on the terrace at Woodstock Rd with grandson Michael and Kaitus.
That same year visiting Hillingdon Hospital with grandson Michael - the new building very striking in the background.

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Authors: Hal Sosabowski & Stan Sosabowski
Pictures of the Virtuti Militari and Orzel by kind permission of Prof. Z. Wesolowski. All other content copyright, all rights reserved.